Best Korean Dramas Released In January 2015

Here are the top 3 Korean dramas released in January 2015 – Synopsis, Review, and Watch Online

1. Healer


Synopsis: This drama is about a broadcasting company and its discovered-truth of a case. Kim Moon-Ho (Yoo Ji-Tae) is employed this big broadcasting company as remarkable reporter. Surprisingly he discovers the unbelievable truth of a case that happened long time ago. So he finds the people were connected to the case and helps them. In the process, he faces great mental anguish through worrying about the truth and beliefs. He then receives help from his mates, Kim Moon-Ho, and the “Healer” Chae Young-Shin(Park Min-Young) and Seo Jung-Hoo (Ji Chang-Wook).

Review: This is a fantastic drama released in early December  2014 and will be over soon. So far I haven’t skipped an episode because it’s too damn good to be missed. Healer is different than other drama, I find it unique that gives you a whole new perception of a typical hero with typical traits. Despite about the rating, Healer is the best dramas i have watched so far in 2014 and 2015. Shoutouts: good acting and handsomeness go to JCW; YJT – remarkable character; best couple and chemistry to JCW and PMY

Where to watch Healer with English subtitles online free:

2. Hyde, Jekyll and I


Synopsis: Koo Seo-Jin (Hyun-Bin) has multiple personality issue; one is blunt like Hyde and the other is sweet like Jekyll. KSJ employed a theme park Wonderland as a director. Jang Ha-Na (Han Ji-Min) is a master and actress of a circus at Wonderland. The story is KSJ attempts to banish the circus and JHN prevents that from happening, and JHN falls for Koo Se at the same time, interesting!

Review: Despite the negative ratings, I think this is a good drama by means. I am watching this drama at same time watching Kill Me Heal Me, back to back. Ha Ji Min acting is great. Hyun Bin is not bad in terms of acting — looking handsome, cute with that dimple no doubt. The story admittedly to say is a bit boring not interesting compared to other dramas Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min were in. Perhaps this is psych type of drama not comedy.

Where to watch Hyde, Jekyll and I with English subtitles online free:

3. Kill Me, Heal Me


Synopsis: This drama is about love-family of a son and his wealthy family. Son has multiple personalities and a first-year Psychiatry resident helps him. She then falls in love with him.

Review: This is another great drama of 2015. In the beginning I had this boring impression for it. What so interesting is Jisung’s character with 7 personalities that he has 7 roles to act, GREAT acting skills. Jisung and Hwang Jung Eum are fantastic in this drama. They totally nail their acting roles with great chemistry and I will nominate them for best drama awards, actor and actress, and best drama with such great entertainment that makes you laugh, smile, cheer, and cry a little.

Where to watch Kill Me, Heal Me with English subtitles online free:


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